About Us

StyleStreamers is a digital live-streaming chat commerce enabled market place with an objective to collaborate with brands and customers delivered in most transparent and experiential manner by our articulate and passionate team of hosts.

We are storytellers by heart and our goal is to offer the best quality products information and delivery through streaming at the most competitive pricing. We provide people with a more accessible and enjoyable online shopping experience and brand experience every day.

We firmly believe is that we are the direct and genuine voice of the brand whose products we treat like souvenirs and with an end objective to keep our customers transparent and high proximity to the brand and product story .

We believe that by connecting with brands and our users together, our platform serves a valuable online marketing channel for merchants and a vibrant and dynamic community for people to discover and share the latest.

People shop not only to buy but also for leisure, entertainment and to stay informed about the products.

Our team of experienced retailers , brand marketers & technology fanatics all integrated with high dosage of empathy make us believe as a real value add to all our stakeholders be it brand , hosts and customers

Hosts earn revenue through their collaboration and are partners to profit on sale.

Brands and founders get to reach customers directly and interact and show their brand and product stories

Customers get to know about the brand and product features in the most transparent manner giving them clarity and confidence on their purchase decision .

We strive to bring in the art of conversation in retail, the transparency of transactions and the connect of the brand story with their customers.