Selling and buy by livestream

Live Streaming is The New Cutting Edge Way For E-Commerce-

Initially, live stream shopping took over the e-commerce market by storm in China, fusing established shopping models with live video and it also helped them in getting directly connected with their potential consumers through this useful method. Live broadcast by big merchants and e-commerce business owners became the number one source of revenue all by just sell by live stream. Small and big retailers used the live stream method by getting their products reviewed by big celebrities or popular artists, which in return encouraged their viewers to purchase the item in, real-time.

The trend experienced massive growth all across the world during this pandemic situation of 2020. Shopaholics were getting the golden opportunity to know and buy their favorite products by just watching videos on social networking platforms. This method actually changed the way people do the shopping and get to know s much about the product in detail in their leisure time. Live shopping has become a very popular means to buy by live stream. For merchants and retailers, it allows them to share more information about the product, live demonstration of your product, answering questions by your viewers, and responding appropriately to their reactions. Results are astounding.

The most important part of adopting a live stream way of selling your product is that it's highly interactive, viewers can indulge themselves more, and also they become more loyal toward your products, finding themselves more attached to you. Live stream shopping is real-time, no need to previously record the video; the host will demonstrate the products and tell about its feature and function. Users or viewers can leave comments, ask questions during the live stream, and participates actively so it involves live interaction between host and consumers. You can purchase by just clicking the embedded link in the video.

The concept of live stream selling is based on influencer marketing, wherein celebrities, big brands or major companies promote their products in front of their consumers in real-time. For some sellers, it’s their entire business model, while others just do it from the comfort of their home in front of a camera. There are thousands of merchant selling their products but using the live streaming method they engage with their buyers and the chances are high that they will purchase their products. You can give all necessary info like pricing, material; shipping dates, size, and functionality of products, and one spot purchaser can make their decision to buy the products.